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Website builders can be a good option for people who don’t have money to hire web developer. Using a website builder is also one of the fastest ways to set up your website. Many platforms provide simple, drag and drop tools that make creating a website simple and straightforward. However, not all website platforms are equal. Some are more reliable than others while some more flexible than others. We, at decided to test 10 most popular website building tools on the market in 2019.

But first, read this…

Website builders vs. hiring a web developer?

A good custom website could easily cost $2000 (on the low end). Making changes can still require a freelance designer and a webmaster to help you continually update your site (read: you need spend additional $$$).

Yet, for only a few dollars per month, some of the website builders could give you almost everything you’d ever want at less than 1% of the cost.

Not to mention, you can easily login yourself and change a copy, upload images, or add new pages within seconds (all without calling for tech support).

Website builders are best for:

Website builders are the perfect solution for individuals or small businesses with low budgets. Just to name few of them:

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Top 10 Website Builders in 2019

Full disclosure: We may earn a commission if you end up purchasing a website builder through the links in this review. This is how we keep up and running and there are no extra costs to you at all. Regardless, we only recommend website builders that we’ve personally used and found reliable and simple.

1. $11.00 – $35.00 581ms 99.98% BEST ★★★★★
2. $8.00 – $20.00 462ms 99.99% GOOD ★★★★
3. SITE123 $10.80 – $28.80 659ms 99.97% GOOD ★★★★
4. $9.00 – $39.00 917ms 99.84% AVERAGE ★★★
5. $12.00 – $40.00 326ms 99.98% AVERAGE ★★★
6. $5.99 – $19.99 624ms 99.99% AVERAGE ★★★
7. $8.00 – $45.00 304ms 99.99% AVERAGE ★★
8. $12.00 – $38.00 882ms 99.97% CONFUSING ★★
9. $12.99 – $22.99 942ms 99.83% CONFUSING

*Limited introductory price

Without further ado, let’s dive into a detailed review of each website builder. Starting with the best, narrowing it down until we reach the ones to avoid.

1. – Easy to Use Website Builder for Small Business

Wix website builder

CONS of Wix

PROS of Wix

Wix builder usability

Wix Support

Wix performance last 6 months
Wix website builder last 6-month speed and uptime

Wix cost

Recommended? YES.

Wix was one of the easiest site builders we have ever tested.

And yet, it’s simple to use, fast and reliable.

There are so many themes to choose from. They’re all well designed, too. The extra features that Wix sites include mean that you can basically use it for any purpose, from a simple blog to an advanced restaurant site or eCommerce store.

Plus, the budget-friendly pricing is perfect for even your personal or hobby site.

Wix is used by millions of small business owners on a daily basis. You can test them out for free…

Create a Website on
Here’s our 5-minute test site.

2. Constant Contact – Easy to Use and Professional Website Builder

ConstantContact review

CONS of Constant Contact

PROS of Constant Contact

ConstantContact support

ConstantContact pricing and plans

Recommended? YES.

The Intelligent tool is unique. You can create nearly-complete, mobile responsive, beautiful and SEO optimized websites with very fast loading times. They look great on any device and takes a few minutes to complete!

You get a free domain name for the entire first year. And, the online store is included in the free plan. However certain key features are behind paywalls, but the e-commerce plan costs less than any other website builder on this list.

All of those reasons, plus near-flawless uptime, make building a website with Constant Contact an excellent choice.
Constant Contact website builder is very easy to use, professional and a reliable yet affordable website builder.

Create a Website on
Here’s our 5-minute test site.

3. SITE123 – Best Website Builder for Very Small Websites

Site123 website builder


Site123 Customer Service


Site123's drag and drop function

Site123 performance statistics
SITE123 average uptime and speed (last 6 months)

Site123 pricing


Overall, we would recommend it for relatively simple sites. There are a lot of design template choices, uptime and speed was strong, too. However, the customer support and the editor were a little lacking, though.

You can try using it for bigger, more complicated sites. But it also gets expensive really fast.

Therefore, it might be a good alternative vs. getting a custom site built out. Just be ready to spend a decent amount over the course of a year if that’s the route you’re going with.

Create a Website on
Here’s our 5-minute test site.

4. Jimdo – Very Intuitive Builder, But Limited Templates (16 Only)

jimdo website builder

CONS of Jimdo

Jimdo performance and speed
Jimdo average uptime and speed (last 6 months)

PROS of Jimdo

Jimdo plans and cost


Yes and no…

The initial design is very clean and neat. It’s more contemporary than some of the ones we’ve already reviewed here.

They offer cheap email accounts and unlimited products on their e-commerce plans. Their website builder is simple and straightforward.

However, the biggest issue is with their speed and uptime – it’s slightly unreliable. And the fact that they only have 16 templates and your customization options are limited to only relatively basic changes.

Great for a one-page-website. Need something bigger? You’d be better off with Wix.

Here’s our 5-minute test site.

5. Squarespace – Best Website Builder for Photographers

Squarespace website builder

CONS of Squarespace

Squarespace pricing

Squarespace ecommerce plans

Squarespace live chat

PROS of Squarespace

Squarespace website builder usability

Squarespace last 6 month statistics
Squarespace average uptime and speed (last 6 months)


Yes and no. If you’re starting a site in a design-centric niche (think: fashion), it might be worth springing a few extra bucks for Squarespace.

Otherwise, for the vast majority of other people, it’s probably not worth the high price tag when you can get similar features for significantly less.

Here is our 5-minute test site.

6. GoDaddy – Flexible, But Little Confusing Website Builder

godaddy website builder

CONS of GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy Customer Service

PROS of GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy builder usability

GoDaddy Performance last 6-months

GoDaddy pricing for cheapest plan


Yes and no.

GoDaddy’s website builder isn’t terrible. But it’s not great, either.

We found others on this list, like Wix, and Constant Contact, to be much stronger overall.

In addition, the eCommerce plans were expensive and we can’t overlook the half-hour “live” chat session, either.

Here’s our 5-minute test site.

7. WordPress – Best Builder for Bloggers and Blogs review



GoDaddy Website Builder Usability

WordPress plan cost last uptime and speed stats average uptime and speed (last 6 months)


Not for beginners.

WordPress is perfect for advanced users who want more control, and are willing to handle the workload.

It’s a good ‘next step’ beyond a typical website builder. But it requires a lot more maintenance and has a bigger learning curve.

Beginners, or even people who just don’t want to have to do all the upkeep on a WordPress site, should probably stick to a more traditional website builder.

Here’s our 5-minute test site.

8. Weebly – Too Average for Serious Use

Weebly homepage

CONS of Weebly

Weebly last 6 month statistics
Weebly average uptime and speed (last 6 months)

PROS of Weebly

Weebly is easy to use

Weebly Billing and pricing

Weebly Live Chat


Not really.

Weebly isn’t bad by any stretch. In fact, we really like a few features (like that editor). They even offer a free plan and free trial, so you can still test them out.

However, the high eCommerce cost and spotty site performance, there are just much better options on this list.

Here’s our 5-minute test site.

9. Webs – Performance and Slow Speed Issues

webs builder review

CONS of Webs

Webs usability gif

Webs Pricing

Webs Receipt

webs com speed and uptime issues average uptime and speed (last 6 months)

PROS of Webs

Webs customer support



Webs builder is fine. But way behind most of the other options on this list.

The templates are a little outdated. The performance hasn’t been very good. And the pricing seems kinda high based on what we’ve seen.

Here’s our 5-minute test site.

10. Web – Bad Billing Practices, Difficult Refund Process review

We wanted to review We see them, everywhere online, so they must be doing a ton of promotion. But we didn’t actually sign up and pay for them. pricing is misleading

Why MOST ‘Free’ Website Builders Aren’t Free

Most of these platforms reviewed claim to have some ‘free’ option.

Sounds perfect, right?!

That’s what we thought too, initially. However, it’s also a little too good to be true.

Here are three problems we ran into:

Problem #1 – No Domain Name

You’ve spent minutes (or hours) putting your brand new ‘free’ website together and you’re almost ready to hit the Publish button to make it live to the world.

The only problem is, you still need a domain name.

The ‘free’ option that most website builders provide you with are amateurish looking web addresses like:

Professional? Nope.

Unique? Nope.

Think people will take you seriously? Nope.

Assuming this website is for some commercial or professional reason (i.e. you want to make money from it), credibility is the key. Instead, you’ll want something that looks like or

Some of these website builders below do provide some ‘free domain name’ offer. But there are restrictions which we’ll explore soon.

Problem #2 – Plan Limitations

‘Free’ versions sound great. Until you read the fine print.

Basically, you’re going to be forced to pony up some cash for basically any type of extra or upgrade. For example:

Unfortunately, the list goes on and on and on.

Website Builders commonly claim they’re free, only to then up-sell and cross-sell you to death until eventually, you’re paying more than their cheapest plan in the first place.

Don’t worry – you’re not alone! We learned all this stuff first-hand.

At first, we didn’t plan on spending a single penny in order to write this review. But we quickly found out that it was going to be an expensive review when all is said and done.

Problem #3 – No Control Over Your Site

This last problem is also the worst.

Let’s say you spend endless nights adding content, writing new blog posts or adding products to your eCommerce shop.

Everything’s finally starting to fall into place and look perfect.

Until one day, you go to check in on your site and it’s gone.

Not just ‘down.’ But gone, gone.

Panicking, you quickly reach out to customer support (after waiting on hold for an hour), and get a ‘canned response’ like the following:

We’re very sorry, but your site violated our terms and TOS for free accounts, thus we had to disable it. If you want to get it live, you’ll need to pay for it.

Don’t believe me? Read this, this or this one. And there’s plenty of more cases like those!

A good website builder might set you back anywhere between $5 to $20 a month. However, there are a few other considerations to make besides just pricing when choosing the next home for your new website. Let’s take a look at how they all compare, which ones you should choose, and which ones you should avoid like the plague. [/wpex]

So which website builder is your best bet?

Overall, website builders are great for beginners or small businesses looking to get a professional (and affordable) option off the ground in a matter of days (instead of the weeks or months it would take for a custom site).

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